UBA Series Ultra Broadband Distribution Amplifiers are developed for distribution systems with combined SAT-IF (950-2150MHz) and CATV (5-862MHz) signals over signal coaxial cable. Low noise MMIC technology implemented in the IF(950-2150MHz) frequency range provides low distortions. Die cast metal housing provided excellent RFI shielding.
  • Combined SAT-IF / CATV Amplifier developed for ultra broadband distribution networks,
  • Splitband technology,  5-862 / 950-2150MHz,
  • SAT-IF gain : tilted 33…38dB, CATV gain 33dB, push pull,
  • Flexible return path diplex filters, active or passive options,
  • Diecast aluminium housing for heat dissipation and maximum RFI shielding.
2 GHz