Headcompact 8×8 Compact Headend Transmodulator

Headcompact is an 8 channel programmable, frequency agile, QPSK to PAL demodulator for SMATV Headend applications. Enables reception of free (FTA) digital satellite channels and converts them to any TV channel within entire band (S3-E69) over a single cable SMATV network.

19’’ rack standard enclosure and integrated RF combiner per each 8 channel unit enables to built flexible solutions for small to medium scale SMATV networks.

  • 19″ rack compact and modular enclosure integrated with 8 channel QPSK to RF modulator in a flexible and modular internal design architecture,
  • LED display on front panel, programmable over user friendly TV/OSD without a remote control,
  • Support for normal and universal LNB’s, LNB powering on all ports,
  • Covers entire TV band with VHF+S/Band and UHF options,
  • 90-240VAC universal power supply,
8 Ch.
19″ Rack