Divitron QAM 4×4 Transmodulator

Divitron QAM 4×4 Transmodulator (DVB-S to DVB-C) is specially developed for MDU, hotels, and other residential/commercial buildings to replace old analog TV distribution network with a fully digital one.

Divitron QAM 4×4 receives digital programs from 4 SAT-IF/QPSK transponders, demodulate multiplex and output the selected configured programs in 4 QAM-RF channels.

Decoding of transport stream via Common Interface (CI) provides a cost effective yet scalable solution for Digital TV Platforms to re-distribute their contents via HFC network.

  • 4 channel DVB-S to DVB-C  Transmodulator with modular and extendible units in 19’’ 1U professional housing,
  • Complete processing of transport stream enables deletion, addition of individual programs for bandwidth optimization,
  • Thematic program sequencing at the headend stage with LCN (Logical Channel Numbering) function,
  • Full configuration and monitoring by “FaceTron”;  a user-friendly graphical interface run on a PC,