Data Sheet

PA-X 41128R

PA-X 41128R CATV Distribution Amplifiers with active return are broadband indoor GaAs-FET Push Pull, high output level distribution amplifiers designed for RF distribution systems such as those in Cable Television Apartments, Hotels, Hospitals and other applications where a high quality low noise figure amplifier is necessary to amplify the signals in both the forward and return paths. Designed with flat operational gain of 41 dB in the forward band and18 dB in the reverse band. The PA-X41128R has sockets for JXP style plug-in controls, including input pad and equalizer and interstage equalizer for forward bandwidth for balancing, and input pad plus output pad and equalizer for reverse path balancing. The amplifiers are self powered and compatible with 117 and 230Vsystems.
  • GaAs RFIC Push Pull for high outputlevels with low distortions,
  • JXP style plug-in controls,
  • Surge protection on all ports,
  • Diecast aluminum housing for heat dissipation,
  • 90-240 VAC powering.

1.2 GHz
41 dB
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TLE 35128

TLE 35128 CATV Outdoor Line Extender is a 1 GHz broadband amplifier on surface or underground paths of huge scale CATV networks, which is able to be fed from coaxial network. TLE 35128 features ultra high level output and minimal noise with its GaAs Hybrid Power Doubler technology and it can be cascaded by several units through this feature. Its mechanical and electrical characteristics are developed according to North American Cable TV Standards (SCTE).
  • Active distribution element for huge scale, two way interactive CATV HFC networks.
  • AC bypass conduction feature for cascaded applications,
  • Highly efficient, minimum distortion at high output level through GaAs Hybrid Power Doubler technology,
  • Metal injection diecast housing belongs to IP65 category: High durability under rain, pressure, dust etc,
  • 30-90 VAC feed from coaxial network selectable from input or output

1 GHz
AC Pass