FTTH-FFTB-Optical Node-Optical Receiver-Fiber-CATV-TRONONIX-40-1G Receive only Optical MDU Node provides and excellent and cost optimized one way FTTH solution.
Extented bandwith upto 1GHz, push pull RF output level utilyzing GaAs E-pHEMT technology with built-in AGC brings most advanced technology to one-way FTTH networks.
Ultra compact diescast housing with 3 colour led indications of correct optical input level provides additional features for installation.

ONU 50 CATV Indoor Optical Node (Transceiver) is Optical/RF converter and distribution amplifier for use at the entry points of multi-dwelling units, within CATV networks whose optical fiber lines are extended to the building entrances (FTTB/HFC). It converts forward direction (downstream) optical signals transmitted over fiber line to RF for the coaxial network inside the building; and it converts reverse direction (upstream) RF  signals  generated  by  modem  devices  used  for  interactive  applications  to  optical  signals.